Church Technology Services

Offering Church technology services and support in:
  • Church Computer and Network Technology
  • Worship/Presentation
    • Software – Easy Worship, Pro Presenter, Video Psalm, Power Point
    • Equipment – Projectors, TV’s, Monitors, Screens
  • Church Management Software
  • Church Websites
  • The Church and Social Media
  • Sound Systems

I have worked with church technology for several years now, and it was actually what spurred my interest into pursuing technology as a career.  With this background I understand that most church technology budgets are not unlimited and time saving measures can be very valuable.  I very much enjoy providing effective solutions that can meet the budget of any church.  Whether your church is looking to implement a new sound system, presentation software, projection equipment, or office networking we may be able to help.  We have worked with several different churches, providing solutions tailored to their needs.  There are many free and open source software applications specifically for churches.  Feel free to review my blog posts for some great information and free resources or contact me with any questions.