Computer Repair

Is your computer starting to run a little slow?  Our computer repair options can improve your computer.

Let us clean it up for you and hopefully give you back some of your speed.

Malware, Spyware, Virus Removal, and basic hardware computer tune up.

Computers can easily become bogged down with Malware and Spyware.  These are programs that get added to your computer unintentionally and can decease the performance of your machine.  Toolbars are a common example of this.  They can be useful, but multiple toolbars will quickly slow down your browsing experience.  How do these applications get added?  Often times when you download a piece of software from the internet you are asked to click agree to the terms several times.  What many do not realize is that often you are agreeing to let that site download many other applications and install them on your machine rather than the one piece of software your were expecting.  These issues can be corrected and this computer repair will help to speed up and optimize your machine.

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