Websites can be an effective tool to both businesses and organizations. They are a great way to give your business or organization an online presence. They can generate both awareness and revenue. However, they can also be a large waste of money if used incorrectly. Here are a few steps on how you can end up saving money on your website, without reducing the quality of your service.

Know what you need
It is no secret that most businesses are out to make money. While there are still many honest businesses, you still need to have some idea of what you actually need and what you are paying for. If you are a small business or organization you really are not going to need an unlimited storage and bandwidth package. A smaller package will more than likely be more than enough. This is also a difference between big companies and small companies. You may be better off with a smaller local web designer and host. They will know you, know how your business is setup, what you need, and chances are you will have one contact for support.

Own your own domain name
It is usually always a good idea to own your own domain name. Why pay a few dollars extra each year to let your web designer or hosting service have control over your domain name? This also makes the transition to a new hosting provider much easier.

Keep your site updated
This is a big one. It does not do you or your business any good to pay a monthly fee to display old or outdated information.

Chose your platform carefully
This is not nearly as obvious, but can certainly save you money. Some platforms are specific to the website hosting provider. This means when you change hosts you can’t simply transfer your website. Your site might actually have to be recreated. This will take both time and money. I always enjoy working with WordPress. It is flexible, there are an endless number of themes, and it can be completely customized. WordPress also allows for smooth website transfers. It is certainly a technical process, but easy if you have the experience.

Hopefully you can use these tips to improve your website and to save you or your business a little extra money in the long run. By saving money on websites you can use that extra cost to grow and expand your business. The right website host can make all the difference.